Intellectual Property Lawsuits Becoming “The Norm” Among 3D Printing Industry

3D Technology has revolutionized the way we live. It is unlikely that this revolution will cool down anytime soon. Anyone can down intricate designs from the internet and print out their own 3D printer at home. You can even make commercial sales from such designs.

3D technology is a disruptive technology. It creates the same problems as the photocopy machine and personal computers. In the digital error, copy and paste lawsuits are only going to continue increasing.

Increasing Lawsuits

One of the major reasons for so many lawsuits is that the technology is still new. Thus, even the law has yet to catch up with it. The laws used are not specifically designed for 3D printing. This is the reason why there have been so many inconsistencies in judgements. Sometimes individuals may think what they are doing is perfectly legal.

The problem that has been arising is that people want to see tier creativity profit them. However, the law is very lenient to people as long as they do not use something for commercial gain. The problem is that anything that is on the internet or digital copy can be replicated by anyone.

Affordability makes the problem bigger

As the technology for 3D printing gets cheaper, more people will buy one for use at home. Thus, the number of people making free replicas of someone’s creativity will go up. This presents a huge problem. If creators do not feel their work is appreciated, they will use their energy elsewhere. This could mean that there are many 3D printers but very little to do with them.

So who should manage this problem?

Thus, it is up to governments to protect intellectual rights or it will destroy the industry. 3D is still in its infancy despite the explosive developments. It is essential that this industry is carefully nurtured to reach its potential. The industry has the potential to employ millions of people.

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